May 31, 2023

What Is the Difference Between Horizontal Gear Motor and Vertical Gear Motor?

The reducer is widely used in various machinery industries and is an industrial durable product that can greatly improve the efficiency of industrial production. Among them, the gear reduction motor is a more commonly used type of reducer. It has two types, one is vertical and the other is horizontal. Next, let’s take a look at the difference between these two types!

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The difference between vertical reducer and horizontal reducer

1. Different installation methods
The vertical reducer is a vertical installation type, the input end is connected by a connector (it can also be directly connected to the motor), and the output end faces upward; the horizontal reducer is a horizontal installation type, and the input end is connected by a flange (directly connected to the motor) , the output shaft cannot face up.

2. Different lubrication methods
Horizontal reducers generally add oil to the position of the shaft to ensure the lubrication of the bearings and tooth surfaces. Since the vertical reducer has a breathable cap at the highest position, it needs to ensure the lubrication of the top bearing, so there will be a lubrication pump.

3. Different prices
The vertical reducer has one more lubricating pump than the horizontal reducer, and the rest of the structure is similar. Therefore, compared with products of the same specification and model, the vertical reducer is usually more expensive than the horizontal one.

Can the vertical reducer be installed horizontally?

It is generally not recommended to install the vertical reducer horizontally. The output end of the vertical reducer is upward, and it can be used in some special requirements. If it is installed horizontally, the effect is the same as that of the ordinary horizontal reducer, and the price of the vertical reducer is even more expensive. For some, it is more cost-effective to buy a horizontal reducer directly for horizontal installation.

Can the horizontal reducer be installed vertically?
Can’t. The difference between the horizontal reducer and the vertical reducer is mainly in the lubrication method. The horizontal reducer does not need to lubricate the top bearing, but the vertical reducer does; if the horizontal reducer is installed vertically, it is easy to cause oil hole leakage. Oil, even if the vent cap and other parts are installed to modify the vertical type, the effect is not very good, so it is not recommended to install the horizontal reducer vertically.

There are certain differences between the vertical reducer and the horizontal reducer, and they are generally not mixed. The vertical reducer is a new type of reducer transmission device with multiple pairs of helical gears arranged in parallel shafts. It is designed and manufactured on the basis of the modular combination system and the horizontal reducer. There are many motor combinations, installation forms and structural schemes, and the transmission ratio is densely graded to meet different conditions of use, realizing mechatronics, high transmission efficiency, low energy consumption, and superior performance. When selecting, select the reducer with the appropriate installation method according to the installation requirements. If you want to know more about the reducer, welcome to read other content of this website.