May 25, 2023

What Are the Lubrication Methods of Gear Reducer

The gear reducer is a mechanical device that uses gear transmission at all levels to achieve the purpose of speed reduction. If the friction and wear of the gears in the gear reducer are not lubricated, it is easy to cause damage to the mechanical equipment. Therefore, the lubrication of the reducer is to ensure that the gears and bearings The important conditions for normal work are generally lubricated by the following methods.

Aluminium AC Gear Motors

1. Pressure lubrication method
Add an oil pump to the engine, and use the pressure of the oil pump to supply lubricating oil to each gear lubricating point. The pressure lubrication method belongs to forced lubrication. It depends on the oil pump to deliver the lubricating oil to the friction pair at a certain pressure. Usually, a plunger type oil pump is used to achieve lubrication. The plunger pump is installed in the casing, and the oil supply is realized by its reciprocating motion.

2. Splash lubrication method
Splash lubrication is based on the fact that when the rotation speed of the gear sealed in the reduction box is relatively high (5m/S<V<12m/s), the oil is atomized from the oil splash into small droplets and brought to the friction pair to form automatic lubrication, or It is concentrated in the oil collector first, and then flows into the lubricating part through the designed oil channel.

3. Drip oil lubrication method
Using the self-weight of the lubricating oil, let the lubricating oil drip onto the friction pair drop by drop.

4. Jet lubrication method
Direct pressurized injection with an oil pump through the nozzle. This method is suitable for closed teeth with a peripheral speed greater than 12-14 m/s and low splash lubrication efficiency.

5. Oil ring lubrication method
This is a lubrication method in which a ring with a diameter larger than the shaft diameter rotates with the shaft to bring the lubricating oil in the oil reservoir below to the journal.

What kind of lubricating oil is good for the gear reducer?

Gear reducer lubrication is an important part of reducer maintenance. If an inappropriate lubricating oil is selected, even regular lubrication may cause equipment damage. So what lubricating oil should be added to the gear reducer?

The choice of lubricating oil for the gear reducer mainly depends on the working environment, load size, motion characteristics and friction form of the gear reducer. For example, gears running at high speed should use gear oil with low viscosity and good fluidity, and gears running at low speed should use wear-resistant Gear oil with good performance, gear oil with low freezing point should be used for gears running at low temperature. In addition, when using lubricating oil for the gear reducer, you should also pay attention to it. You should try your best to ensure that the lubricating oil works under stable and suitable environmental conditions, and the operation must be carried out step by step in strict accordance with the instructions in the relevant instructions. The lubricator used for lubricating oil should be kept clean and free from other impurities or other pollutants.