June 21, 2023

Talking About 5 Common Reasons Why the Gear Reduction Motor Is Burnt Out

Many friends have encountered the failure of the gear reduction motor to burn out. Why is the product easy to burn out? Today I will summarize 5 common reasons for you. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to know about this product.

1. Open-phase operation

If the product emits a lot of noise and heats up seriously during operation, it will cause great damage to the motor, and it will burn out after running for more than ten minutes. If there is a phase loss in the entire power supply system, multiple motors in the same system will be damaged. If one of the phases in the three-phase circuit is blown, there will also be a phase loss. To solve this problem, it can generally be solved by installing an electronic phase loss protector.

2. The motor is damp

Water or damp inside the product will lead to insulation degradation, which is also a common cause of its burnout, so you should pay attention to the dryness of the used parts. If you use it in wet weather, you need to do daily protection and regularly test the insulation.

3. Overload

If the protector installed on the product (such as a thermal relay) functions normally, generally no overload will occur, but if the thermal relay cannot be calibrated, the accuracy of the protection value will decrease. And the selection is not suitable, or it is artificially set to automatic reset, then when the thermal relay needs to play a protective role, it cannot play a role, or the real reason is not found after multiple protections, and the protection value is artificially increased, resulting in The protection fails, causing an overload condition.

4. Internal reasons

For example, if the bearing is damaged after long-term operation, it will also cause the motor to burn out. Typical bearing damage is manifested as end cover wear and spindle wear. In this case, new bearings need to be replaced.

5. Other reasons

For example, the voltage is too low or the voltage is too high, and the vibration causes the terminal to be loose and short-circuited between phases, so that the rated voltage of the motor does not match the actual voltage. In addition, various decompression starts have circuit failures, causing abnormal switching, and the motor is in a low-voltage working state for a long time.

5 Reasons Gear Motor Is Burnt Out

How to prolong the service life of the gear reduction electricity price?

If you want the motor to be used for a long time, it is inseparable from the good maintenance and inspection of the user.

First of all, using the product continuously for a long time will inevitably shorten its service life, so after a period of use, it is necessary to let it rest to reduce the occurrence of wear and tear.

If it must be used continuously and for a long time due to work needs, after 200 to 300 hours of continuous use, the internal oil should be replaced, and the quality of the oil should be observed at the same time, and whether there are impurities in the oil, or Sour break.

When the running time of the motor reaches 5000 hours, the overall oil should be completely replaced to reduce wear.

Secondly, when changing the oil, don’t be too anxious. You need to let the product cool down first. If you change the oil when the product is in a high temperature state, there may be a danger of oil burning, but it does not mean that the product is completely cooled. When oiling, you can choose when the product is a little warm. If the product is completely cooled, the viscosity of the oil will increase, which will increase the difficulty of draining the oil.

At the same time, during use, it is necessary to frequently check the oil temperature. If it is found that the oil temperature rises above 80°C, the temperature of the oil pool exceeds 100°C, or noise occurs during operation, then it should be stopped and the power should be cut off for maintenance. Troubleshoot in time and wait until the oil temperature drops or replace with new oil before using it.

In addition, in daily use, the geared motor should have a system of use, maintenance and maintenance, and record and repair in time for failures and problems.