July 5, 2023

Motor Rotation Principle and Performance Inspection of Gear Motor

The principle of selecting the speed of the three-phase geared motor is to make it as close as possible to the speed of the production machinery. Most of the geared motor manufacturers, whether imported or domestic, have their own naming conventions, which are now on the geared motor market. So it is best to find a sample of the geared motor and select the model according to the sample. There are two types of geared motors: cage type and wire wound type.

The three-phase geared motor has simple structure, easy maintenance and low price. Generally, production machinery with no-load or light-load starting can be used, and the starting current is small.

The starting torque of the three-phase geared motor is large. However, the structure is complicated, and the starting and maintenance are troublesome. It is only used in places that require large starting torque, such as lifting equipment, etc. In addition, it can also be used in mechanical equipment that requires proper speed regulation.

Performance Inspection of Gear Motor

The choice of the power of the three-phase geared motor is determined by the production machinery, that is, the choice of power. Determined by the power required by the load. The motor power required for the geared motor is as follows: motor power = torque/9550 motor power input revolutions/speed ratio/use factor.

Considering the actual working conditions of the geared motor, the quality inspection before use must include the following items:

1. The single use time of the short-term overload deceleration motor generally does not exceed 120 seconds. At the same time, due to the limitation of the parking space, the overload will not be too serious, so it only needs to run for 3 minutes at 1.2 times the rated load, and run at 1.5 times the rated load. 1 minute, no abnormal phenomenon is enough.

2. Protection level Parking equipment is usually built outdoors. Although the geared motor itself is protected by a cover, it still needs to be dustproof and waterproof. Therefore, the material and processing technology of the casing should ensure that its protection level is not lower than IP44. That is, it can prevent wires or strips with a diameter or thickness greater than 1 mm from touching or approaching live or rotating parts in the shell, and can prevent solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than 1 mm from entering the shell, and can withstand splashing water from any direction without impact.

3. The middle part of the output shaft of the radial force deceleration motor will bear the pulling force of the trolley 1.4kgf in actual working conditions, and then multiply it by the safety factor of the short-term pulling force is greater than 1.4kgf when the equipment is started), that is, the geared motor must bear 3.5kgf Radial tension, no harmful deformation of the motor output shaft. the

4. During the use of the brake supporting parking equipment, the user suddenly loses power when accessing the car, which brings inconvenience to the user. Therefore, it is required that the brake can be released manually with a simple tool. Under 1.5 times the rated load, the brake does not slip. The torque is greater than 2.2kgf·m.

5. Alternating humidity and heat The test simulates the harshest environment for the geared motor, the relative humidity of the air is not lower than 90%, and the ambient temperature is not lower than 25°C. After the motor is subjected to 40°C and 6 cycles of alternating damp heat test, the insulation resistance measurement is not less than 0.38MQ, and the l760V withstand voltage test has no breakdown and no flicker.