June 16, 2023

Inspection Method and Standard of Gear Reduction Motor

As the name implies, the gear reduction motor is a combination of two major components, the motor and the gear reduction box. Therefore, we need to inspect the motor and the gear reduction box separately when inspecting. Ximian will introduce the inspection methods and standards, and I hope everyone can learn.

At present, manufacturers need to strictly follow the GB12350-2009 standard when producing motors, and the inspection items should also meet the requirements. The inspection items mainly include current, temperature rise, speed, output torque, and stall torque. These items should all meet the standard.

Standard of Gear Reduction Motor

After several years of development, only a few types of gear reducers have formed industry standards, so the specific inspection methods and standards are not very unified. Generally, it includes the following two contents:

1. Air tightness test:

Fill the inside of the gear reducer with an air pressure of 0.5MPa, place it in other media (such as kerosene), and observe whether it has bubbles. Only when the structure of the gear reduction box is sealed, the lubricating oil can continuously lubricate the reduction structure.

At the same time, it is also necessary to check the tightness of the following oil seals, whether there are sand holes in the gear reducer box, etc. These can be tested through the air tightness test.

2. Loading test:

This test requires the use of a dynamometer. The gear reducer is loaded to a certain torque on the dynamometer. During the loading process, the operation of the gear reducer must be carefully observed.

By simulating the actual working conditions of the gear reducer, we can know the full load output torque and noise of the gear reducer. After a period of testing, it is necessary to check the wear of the reduction structure. By understanding the wear The situation allows us to measure the approximate service life of the gear reducer.

With the development of the machinery industry, more and more users begin to use gear reduction motors. It can be said that this product has been widely used in many mechanical equipment and has been widely recognized. However, some users are not familiar with it. Knowing the advantages of this product will allow you to use it better.

1. The use of this product on mechanical equipment can effectively reduce the moment of inertia. There is a regularity in reducing the moment of inertia. Generally, it is reduced by the square of the speed ratio, which can help users control the start-stop and speed change in time.

2. This product can increase the torque, in simple terms, it is to increase the input power. When the moment of inertia is required, it can reduce the power required to input the motor. Because the motor is expensive and the product is affordable, it can also save costs for renters.

3. The product can protect the motor during the transmission process. The gear reducer can withstand a large torque during operation, so that the value transmitted to the motor is relatively low when overload occurs. If the motor directly bears a huge overload, it is easy to cause The motor is damaged.

4. When the overload is very large, the gear reduction box will be damaged first. The maintenance and replacement cost of the gear reduction box is relatively low. If the motor is damaged, the maintenance and replacement cost is high.

5. When running at low speed with continuous loads, in order to meet the output torque current, the motor needs to be enlarged, which will affect the heat dissipation of the motor, and at the same time have higher requirements for insulation, and using this product can solve these problems , so as to play the role of energy saving.

The inspection methods and standards for geared motors have been introduced. During the inspection, no matter whether it is inspecting the motor or the gear reduction box, it is necessary to strictly abide by the methods and requirements stipulated by the industry.