June 7, 2023

How to Maintain the Gear Reducer Motor?

What is the best way to maintain the geared motor? We know that the equipment needs to be maintained during use. Scientific maintenance can reduce the scrapping rate of the equipment. So how to maintain it better? For those who are not familiar with the equipment , may wish to see the introduction below.

Improper storage of the geared motor that has just left the factory may directly affect the installation and use, so the storage method is very important. Good storage techniques will help your equipment retain its efficiency and prolong its life. Generally speaking, when storing equipment, you need to pay attention to:

It cannot be placed in an open-air environment to avoid the intrusion of rain and snow. At the same time, the temperature and humidity of the storage location should not change greatly. It should be dry, ventilated, and cool. There is no vibration source around, and there is no pollution and dust. Keep away from flammable and explosive materials.

When stacking, it should be noted that a suitable height of spacer material should be placed between the equipment and the ground, and the stacking height should not be too high. For the equipment that does not need to be used temporarily after unpacking, it should be coated with a layer of anti-rust oil on each processing surface before storage, and put it back in the original packing box in time.

The maintenance work during the use of equipment is also indispensable. Correct maintenance and maintenance can make the equipment play its due role and greatly improve its working efficiency. During routine maintenance, you need to:

Whether it is to check or maintain the equipment, the power supply of the equipment should be cut off to avoid accidents during the operation, and at the same time, it is necessary to wait until the temperature of the equipment cools down before performing various operations.

ac and dc geared motors

Oil should be changed when the equipment has been running for more than 300 hours. When changing the oil, it is necessary to clean up the residual old oil and flush the gearbox with a suitable detergent. Be careful not to mix synthetic oil with mineral oil.

Every 6 months or after 3000 hours of work, the oil level and lubricating oil should be checked to determine whether the oil level is in the normal position, whether there are a lot of impurities in the lubricating oil, add lubricating oil and replace the lubricating oil if necessary.

If you use Am input, you need to check the condition of the elastic body, and replace the elastic body if necessary.

If the equipment is filled with mineral lubricating oil, it should be necessary to check the steady state temperature of the oil tank. The quality of lubricating oil needs to be checked every three years to ensure that the added lubricating oil is of good quality.

According to the specific working environment of the equipment, when replacing the oil seal on the output shaft, the aging and damaged oil seal needs to be replaced in time. If it is not replaced, leakage and other failures are very likely to occur.

Generally speaking, the allowable working environment temperature of the equipment is -40 to +40°C. If the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C in winter, the lubricating oil should be heated to above 0°C before the equipment is started, and lubricating oil with a low freezing point can also be used.

When using for the first time or when the worm pair needs to be replaced, the lubricating oil should be replaced after the equipment runs for 150-400 hours. The oil change cycle can be extended in the future, and the oil can be changed after the equipment runs for 4000 hours.

Regularly check the amount and quality of lubricating oil to ensure that it maintains sufficient air volume and quality. During the process of changing lubricating oil, it should be avoided to use lubricating oil of different brands. Pay attention to adding high-quality lubricating oil, and do not add Deteriorated lubricating oil.

The amount of oil injected should be determined according to the requirements in the manual. Lubricating oils of different brands cannot be mixed. If the brands are the same, but lubricating oils with different viscosities cannot be mixed.

When the gear reduction motor fails, do not disassemble the parts without permission, but contact the after-sales service department of the manufacturer in time, and let professional personnel handle it.