June 28, 2023

How to improve the quality of gear reduction motor?

With the development of the economy and the needs of production and manufacturing, geared motors are widely used in metallurgy, textiles, lifting transportation, logistics, electric power and other industries. Without it, the transmission and deceleration effects of many equipment cannot be very good. play. As more and more manufacturers produce this equipment, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. How to improve the quality of this equipment? This is a question that many manufacturers are very concerned about.

Usually, the gear is the key component of the gear reduction motor. Whether the overall operation of the motor is stable and reliable depends to a large extent on the machining accuracy of the gear and the radial runout error of the ring gear. The following detailed analysis.

gear reduction motor

1. Improve gear machining accuracy

The accuracy of gears is related to many factors, among which motion accuracy, stability accuracy and contact accuracy are very important. During gear hobbing, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of motion by controlling the length of the common normal line and the radial runout of the ring gear. Stationary accuracy is ensured by controlling tooth profile error and base knuckle deviation. The contact accuracy can be guaranteed by controlling the tooth-tooth error.

According to the existing processing technology, many factories use the gear hobbing process and the gear shaving process when processing gear parts. These two process standards are relatively strict. The gears are of high precision.

Generally, the shaving accuracy can calibrate the hobbing accuracy to a large extent. Therefore, for the hobbing process, the error must be controlled within the standard range during processing, so that the produced gears are of high quality.

2. Reduce the radial runout error of the ring gear

The radial runout of the ring gear mainly refers to the double-sided contact between the probe in the tooth groove or on the gear tooth and the high center of the tooth within the range of one revolution of the gear. The probe has a large change relative to the axis of the gear tooth. quantity.

To put it simply, the deviation between the gear ring gear and the shaft center line is mainly due to the fact that the two center holes of the parts did not coincide with the center of rotation of the worktable when the parts were installed, resulting in a large gap between the two. deviation.

Sometimes, because there are defects in the manufacturing of the center point and the center hole, the contact of the positioning surface is poor, resulting in excessive deviation. Only by reducing the radial runout error of the ring gear can the accuracy and quality of the gear be improved.

All in all, the unqualified quality of the gear reduction motor will not only cause its own wear speed to increase and reduce the service life, but also cause the entire equipment to not run smoothly. Therefore, it is the basic premise to ensure that the quality of the motor itself is qualified. For manufacturers, improving quality can bring sales and profits.