June 21, 2023

How to Distinguish Whether the Gear Motor Is Genuine or Imitation?

How to distinguish whether the gear reduction motor is genuine or imitation? Many users are worried that they have bought imitation goods. In fact, judging whether the product is genuine or imitation can be distinguished from several aspects such as appearance, quality, characteristics, price, and special signs. Users are buying Be sure to keep your eyes open.

1. Appearance

To distinguish from the appearance, we can find the appearance of the genuine product. Its case is exquisite and smooth, with a compact body and a moderate size. There is an exhaust port at the position of the hanging ring. The appearance of the product is also easy to distinguish. Generally, it can be found that the case of inferior products is rough in workmanship, different in size, and has no anti-counterfeiting label.

2. Quality

a. The quality of genuine products is relatively reliable, with compact structure, light weight and good heat dissipation. Case material High-quality marine aluminum case and cast iron material make the product lighter and easier to disassemble. Through professional testing of the product, the noise emitted by the product is relatively slight during operation, and there is no obvious vibration phenomenon, and the heat dissipation is good during operation, and the surface temperature of the product does not rise significantly. Due to reliable quality, as long as If the user uses it properly, its service life is relatively long.

b. Genuine products have the characteristics of high transmission, high efficiency and no noise. When the manufacturer produces, the gear surface often needs to undergo high-frequency heat treatment, which makes the noise control within the standard decibel when the product is in transmission, and the transmission efficiency is also high. higher.

C. Genuine products generally have strong versatility and do not require additional maintenance, especially imported gear oil, usually only need to be oiled once, and can be used for a long time. The products produced by some big brands have the characteristics of individuation, efficiency and specialization, which are difficult to be imitated and realized by counterfeit and inferior imitation products.

Gear Motor

3. Price

We must know that any product needs to calculate the cost when it is produced and sold, and authentic products need to spend a lot of cost and energy in terms of material quality, transmission efficiency and quality performance. There is a market for this product in the market. Although the market will change with changes in market demand, within a certain period of time, the market price does not fluctuate much.

When users compare products, they can distinguish genuine or imitation products from the price. If the quotations given by the manufacturer are lower than the market price, then they need to be careful of fake and inferior products. If they accidentally buy low-priced inferior products, not only in the When it is used, it cannot give full play to the due product price, and it also consumes costs, which is not worth the candle.

4. Special signs

Check the logo on the product. The parts used in genuine products have obvious brand marks, part numbers, and special designation codes. Some brand products will be marked with the manufacturer and country of production on the outer casing. Genuine cast characters are clear and easy to identify. If it is an imitation product, you will find that the marking is missing and the writing is illegible.

Through the above aspects, it can help you distinguish whether the geared motor is genuine or imitation, so as to avoid being deceived by bad suppliers.