July 5, 2023

How to Deal with the Gear Motor After It Gets Wet?

In the production process of geared motors, it is often found that some geared motors have been left unused for a period of time. When they are used again, the insulation resistance of the geared motor windings is found to be reduced. Especially in the rainy season, when the air humidity is high, the insulation value will even drop to zero. At this time, drying treatment should be carried out so that the insulation resistance and absorption ratio can reach the specified value. If it is put into operation hastily, it may cause the insulation breakdown of the geared motor coil and cause an accident.

Gear Motor Gets Wet

Here are three simple geared motor drying methods:

1. External heat source heating method

Regarding the damp geared motor, first disassemble it for inspection, then put a high-power incandescent bulb into the geared motor to bake it, or put the geared motor into a drying room for drying. This method is convenient to operate, safe and reliable, but it is only suitable for small geared motors that are easy to disassemble and inspect. For large and medium-sized geared motors that are not easy to disassemble and inspect, the workload is relatively large, and the feasibility is also reduced. It should be noted that when this method is used, the light bulb or heat source should not be too close to the coil to prevent the coil from being burned out. You can cover the geared motor casing with canvas and other items to keep it warm.

2. Welding machine drying method

  • AC welding machine drying method

Before operation, first connect the two terminals of the damped deceleration motor windings in series, and ground the casing, so that the three sets of windings can be heated and dried. In order to monitor the current change during the drying process, an ammeter can be connected in series to observe its current. Whether it reaches the rated current of the geared motor. Drying the geared motor with an AC welding machine does not require dismantling and inspection of the geared motor, which reduces the workload. It is suitable for the following geared motors, and cannot be used for a long time, because the current applied to the welding machine transformer is relatively large when the AC welding machine is working, so it cannot be used for a long time, otherwise the welding machine may be burned out.

  • DC welding machine drying method

The operation wiring is similar to AC, and the ammeter connected in series should be a DC ammeter. It is convenient to use a DC welding machine to dry the damp geared motor. At the same time, it can dry large and medium-sized geared motors and high-voltage geared motors for a long time. In this way, when the welding machine is operated for a long time or with high current, its internal components will not be damaged due to long-term high current operation, so it can be used for long-term use of large and medium-sized geared motors. It is worth noting that when drying with these two methods, all joints must be in good contact and fastened. The lead wire of the electric welding machine should use a special wire, and the cross-sectional size should meet the carrying capacity of the output current of the electric welding machine. Pay attention to the cooling of the transformer of the welding machine itself, and at the same time ensure that the insulation resistance of the geared motor cannot be lower than 0.1MΩ. Also pay close attention to the winding temperature of the geared motor and adjust the voltage and current in time.

3. Excitation coil drying method

The excitation coil drying method is to wind the excitation coil on the stator coil core of the geared motor, and pass through the alternating current, so that the stator generates magnetic flux, and the stator of the geared motor is dried by its iron loss.