June 1, 2023

How to Choose a Gear Motor?

The process of product selection is involved in the selection of motors, and the importance of selection is self-evident. Let me teach you how to choose the most correct type of geared motor?

1. Size of geared motor

When choosing gears, it is always required that the smaller the size, the better. In fact, this is a misunderstanding in use. In terms of product design, a larger product assembly space should be reserved as much as possible to better match the appropriate gearbox.

2.The electrical performance of the geared motor

(1) Rated torque/speed: In many cases, customers themselves do not know the real torque required by their products, but want the torque to be as large as possible. In fact, the torque can be measured by the following simple method, and an approximate For the geared motor, the current and voltage regulating power supply are connected in series in the line, and then the speed and torque are controlled by adjusting the voltage. By comparing this data with the graph, the actual torque and speed can be accurately known.

(2) Maximum allowable current/torque: Many automation products have a maximum allowable current. When the current exceeds a certain value, it will cause damage to the electrical circuit, causing major defects such as product heating, short circuit, and burning. Usually we think that the bigger the torque is, the better. In fact, too large torque will cause damage to the dragging system, resulting in wear and damage to the mechanical structure of the product. At the same time, too large torque will also cause damage to the motor and gearbox itself and insufficient life. . If there is no limit to the assembly air noise, choose a low-speed motor to match a small speed ratio gearbox, and you can get a high reliability and a long life.

750W 28 Shaft Horizontal AC Gear

3. Noise of geared motor

Usually, the noise we are talking about is the mechanical noise of gears, which is the sound that can be heard by the ear. The gear box was found to be louder, and it was required to improve the noise, and repeated samples still could not solve the problem. In fact, this kind of noise is not the noise of the product itself, but is caused by various reasons, such as the vibration caused by the high rotation speed of the motor, the resonance formed by the rigid connection between the geared motor and the machine equipment, and the dragging load. Noise caused by eccentricity, etc. The noise of plastic gears is lower than that of gold brush gears, the noise of helical gears and spur gears is lower, the noise of metal worm gears and worm structures is greater, and the noise of planetary gears is greater.

4. The priority direction of geared motor product guarantee

To clarify the direction of product guarantee, select different geared motors according to different use environments, which is very important for product selection. For example, financial machinery should give priority to product reliability, such as toys, product safety and environmental protection should be given priority, industrial machinery such as valves should give priority to product life, and household products should give priority to meeting the quietness requirements of the product.

The above is the selection of the motor of the reducer. If you want to know more about the selection of the motor of the reducer, please read other contents of this website.