June 30, 2023

Different Structures and Functions of Gear Reducer Motor Slot Insulation

The armature insulation structure of the gear reduction motor is composed of the insulation of the armature coil, the end insulation of the armature winding and the insulation of the commutator. Due to the different voltage levels, winding forms and binding materials, the insulation structure of the armature is also different. difference. The insulation of the geared motor is very important. The construction materials of the geared motor are very different from the previous materials. Most of the materials of the geared motor are made of insulating materials.

Functions of Gear Motor

Let’s take a look at the structure and function of the geared motor slot insulation.

1. Turn-to-turn insulation: Its function is to isolate the potential difference between the components in the same layer of the armature winding, and the withstand voltage is the maximum inter-chip voltage, and the maximum voltage does not exceed 24 volts. Medium and small DC motors generally use armature coils wound with electromagnetic wires, and the paint film on the surface of the wires and the insulating layer of glass silk can already meet the requirements for inter-turn insulation. Mechanical damage should be avoided during the coil forming process and wire embedding. Large-scale DC motors, due to the large cross-sectional area of the armature conductor, are generally wound with bare copper wires. After forming, they are wrapped with mica tape or film tape to improve reliability. The inter-turn insulation thickness should be thin, otherwise the armature slot will Utilization drops.

2. Interlayer insulation: Its function is to isolate the potential difference between the upper and lower sides of the coil in the same slot. Generally, there is full voltage between the upper and lower sides of the wave and stacked windings, and the slots are connected to the distance On the commutator segment of one pole pitch, it is exactly located at the position of the brush of the opposite polarity, so the interlayer insulation needs to have the same electric strength as the ground insulation.

3. The function of ground insulation and slot insulation is to isolate the potential difference between the armature conductor and the iron core, and it bears the rated voltage of the gear reducer motor. Kai insulation is to prevent the process of embedding wires, and the coil to ground insulation should not be cut by the core If it is damaged and placed in the slot in advance, the two ends are slightly longer than the slot. In the scattered embedded coil, the ground insulation and the slot are combined together. The front top of the embedded wire is placed in the slot. Performance and increased creepage distance, generally adopt continuous insulated forming coils, and the ground insulation is wrapped around the coils.

4. Protective insulation: Its function is to prevent the ground insulation from being mechanically damaged during the coil handling and embedding process. For example, the glass ribbon on the outer layer of the formed coil and the liner insulation such as the slot liner, slot top, and slot bottom pad are all protective insulation.

5. Supporting insulation: usually it fixes and supports the winding. The choice of the insulation material of the geared motor is also to choose the material with good insulation performance.